legal translation service in abu dhabi

Things To Know About Legal Translation Service In Abu Dhabi

Legal translation service is needed for scholarships, immigration, websites, or business contracts – whatever is the purpose, choosing the right service provider and an error-free output is essential. The United Arab Emirates, particularly the regions of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, are considered the hub of business and trade. These are the regions of multi-ethnicity where people from almost all over the world can be found residing.

People not just come and go over these areas for business and work-related purposes but many have made it a home for similar motives. This particular region in the United Arab Emirates has opened up gateways of vast opportunities for people from all walks of life. The imports, exports, general trading, manufacturing, services, and all sectors are experiencing growth because of people’s preference for Dubai and Abu Dhabi for trade and business purposes.

Due to these reasons, the legal translation service in Abu Dhabi has become a lot more famous now. Because of a significant rise in the demand for the service, a number of service providers can now be found in the region who provide high-quality, reliable services.

Where And Why You Might Need It?

Since Dubai and Abu Dhabi welcome people from all corners of the world, people often require to get legal translation services in Abu Dhabi to get their personal and educational documents translated. These documents might be needed to be translated for educational or traveling motives. Furthermore, it is not just the legal documents that require legal translation services, but a number of other things as well.

The businesses based in the regions of United Arab Emirates get the Legal translation JLT for their websites as well so that a more personalized experience can be ensured for the visitors. Mobile applications and the content used for online and social media marketing are also translated for the same reason.

The registered businesses and their websites also need to get their contracts, Terms and Conditions, and Policies translated into the local language of the region as well as the native languages of the business partners. So the reasons why you might need legal translation can be many and you need to be prepared for them.

Errors to avoid 

Legal translation is definitely a challenging task and most of the time, errors are bound to happen. The more common mistakes and errors are in it, the more essential it is to avoid these errors at all costs; otherwise, one can have to bear serious consequences of it, depending on the purpose for which you are getting a legal translation done.

For instance, a minute typing error in educational documents can cancel your foreign scholarship; a wrong spelled name can cancel your immigration, a wrongly interpreted clause in a business contract can cause huge losses. So to avoid such consequences, you must avoid these possible errors and mistakes when you get a legal translation service in Abu Dhabi:

  • Not Considering Required Changes in Design

Sometimes when you translate a document from one language to another, you need to adjust the design and printing accordingly as well, but ignoring this required change is a major mistake most of the service providers make.

One of the most common instances is when you are translating a document that is in a language that is left aligned into a language that is right-aligned. You, of course, need a completely different layout and design to adjust the translated text. This is particularly important in the case of translating the content of your websites and mobile apps because the text there is not static and both the text and design must be aligned with each other.

  • Failing to Bring the Stakeholders involved on the same page

All the stakeholders involved in the translation process must be on the same page, including the service providers, the legal advisors, the buyers of the services, and any intermediary parties, if any.

  • Not being able to communicate effectively

Ineffective communication from any of the two ends, either the service provider or the buyer of the service, can potentially result in a disastrous output. Make sure that you can explain in detail why you need the translation, what its purpose is, and where it is required.

  • Ignoring Context and Culture

Some service providers get too much into a word-to-word translation that in doing so, they tend to ignore the contextual and cultural significance completely. It might not be the exact word-to-word translation that is required in some scenarios and you just need to put across the similar message in a different language. What is needed more than an exact word-to-word translation is that the right message can be conveyed and the purpose can be served.

  • Being in rush

The worst of things are the result of being in a rush. Any kind of work done in rush can come out to be full of errors. Therefore, this is one mistake that is so common but must be avoided under all circumstances.

Whatever is the reason or purpose that you need a legal translation service in Abu Dhabi for, make sure that you plan effectively for it and are well prepared for it in time so you do not have to get anything done in a rush in the last hours. Plan way before the deadlines so everything goes smooth.

Things To Look For In A Service Provider For Legal Translation Service in Abu Dhabi

Because of the minute details involved in the process of legal translation, a lot of thought and research is required in choosing the right kind of service provider. Following aspects are most important to be considered when you are about to make a choice

  • Legal advisory

Make sure you get the legal advisory and consultation before diving into the translation service. Hiring a separate consultant might cost higher, so try looking for a translation service provider that provides legal advisory services too.

  • Experience

Your service provider must have ample experience of the said service. Do not risk your work by giving it to the hands of amateurs. Moreover, they must also have the experience of providing translation services for the purpose that you need it for, so they know the Dos and Don’ts of it already.

  • Testimonials

One way to find out about the credibility of the service provider is to go through its testimonials. Also, make sure you are not ditched by the fake testimonials. Have an eye to be able to differentiate between a fake testimonial and a real one.

With these hands-on tips, we hope you can choose the right service provider and avoid all the mentioned mistakes in getting legal translation service in Abu Dhabi.