Legal Translation in Dubai

Everything You Need To Know About Legal Translation In Dubai

Dubai has become the hub of the business world and it welcomes international tourists to investors wholeheartedly. The service of legal translation in Dubai provides visitors, investors and students to make their academic, business and tour journey comfortable, understandable and safe.
Often in foreign countries, the biggest issue faced by many is that of the language barrier.

Translation offers the solution to overcome this barrier. The translation is not just a mere replacement of words. It is a work of art that requires skill, talent, knowledge and most importantly, the understanding of the cultural heritage of that language. Hence when searching for a translation service company, one should keep these attributes in mind.

What Is Legal Translation?

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Legal translation is a process in which the translation of legal and official documents is done without changing the original meaning in any way. Legal translation allows people to use their documents safely and make their process of staying or working in Dubai safe and legal.

When we hear the term legal translation, we think of what documents can be translated. Following are some of the documents which essentially need translations:

  • Contracts
  • Depositions
  • Confidential agreements
  • Wills and trusts
  • Court and witness transcripts
  • Policies
  • Legal statement
  • Licenses
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Litigation documents
  • Legal disclaimers
  • Arbitration documents
  • Business deals
  • Land documents
  • Visa documentation

Who Can Use Services That Provide Legal Translation In Dubai?

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  1. Entrepreneurs and business dealers:

Dubai and UAE is the focus of the business world, as many entrepreneurs invest a great deal here in Dubai. It has been the focus of many investors for ages because of:

  • Zero taxation
  • No currency limitation
  • Wide license grants
  • Easily available of work visa
  • Permission to do multiples businesses

When setting up a business, there are many legal documents involved in the process. Legal contracts, documentation, business deal, ownership documents and bank statements all of these require legal translation to establish your business safely in UAE.

2. International students:

Many students pursue their education here now in Dubai and then also apply for a job here as well. All these require translation of their academic documents so their degree process can go smoothly and also, if they want to work in UAE, they would have to use translated transcripts to apply.

If opting for a Master’s or even Ph.D. requires the students to submit translated copies of their previous undergraduate degree or high school transcripts to get an admission here.
The following are the documents you can get a legal translation of as a student:

  • Transcripts
  • Letter of recommendations
  • Certificates
  • Degree
  • Statement of importance
  • Resume
  • Test results
  • Personal statements

3. Immigrants:

Legal translation in Dubai provides immigrants an easier way to come to UAE and live and settle down here. Even if an immigrant wishes to marry a citizen of UAE, they would need their marriage contracted to be translated. From passports to birth certificates, the legal transnational services will have you covered fully.

4. Tourists:

There are countless famous tourist spots and many people from around the world come to Dubai to celebrate their New Year and even honeymoons on these spots. Legal transnational services help tourists explore the beautiful land of UAE in a safer way.

From the translation of brochures to tour guides to the whole visa process along with a driving license, allows you to explore fully and have an experience of a lifetime.

What Are The Necessary Qualities To Look For When Hiring A Legal Translator?

  • Professional:
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Legal translation is a tricky task, and it requires the correct knowledge and experience. As documents for business and visa processing are often very technical and also have a time limit, you need to opt for someone who is professional and who you can trust will get the task done.

Your legal translator should know how to translate the document without altering its true meaning in any way. Since you are new in a foreign country yourself, he should be responsible and deal with you professionally so you can make the best use of your time and money. A professional translator is punctual, responsible and talented.

  • Open and easy communication:

Communication is the basic essence of any interaction. Your legal translator should make sure that you are well aware of the whole process. He or she should use understandable and easy terms with you and should always be open to communication.

  • Not overpriced:

There are many people who try to scam or manipulate foreign investors or visitors by overcharging them. It is best to research and find a professional translator who will charge the necessary amount for his work. Any translator who is too overpriced highlights his unprofessional behavior and holds his job in low regard.

  • Knowledgeable, experienced and native:

It is best to choose a translator who is a native as he will understand the culture and unseen details needed to be covered in your translation. The experienced translator is likely to be more knowledgeable and he would get your work done fast too.

What Are The Essential Characteristics Of A Legal Translation?

  1. Nature of the legal document

Some documents are descriptive, while some prescriptive. A few documents are a mix of both; knowing the nature of the document is crucial as the translated version of that document should have the same tone.

2. Ambiguity and interpretation

Certain documents include religious, cultural or rhetoric situations, which can bring in a lot of ambiguity. The translated version should interpret those ambiguities properly without any dual meaning.

3. Cultural and system bound approach

The legal translation should have terms that are culturally and system-wise appropriate. Any terms that are culturally limited to the visitor’s country should be replaced with culturally appropriate terms analogous here in Dubai.


As Dubai is a business and tourist hub, the use of legal translation in Dubai becomes a necessity. Companies providing these services are helping flourish the economy of UAE, but as an investor, student or visitor, this article will help you understand the need for legal translation and also help select the best person for this job.