Things To Know Before You Take Your First Driving Lesson

Things To Know Before You Take Your First Driving Lesson | YlooDrive

Driving gives you a lot of freedom, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility, something many novice drivers aren’t used to.

At first, the notion of driving a car may seem intimidating, and you may be worried about what other people on the road will think of you, or you may be delighted and looking forward to a new challenge

Everyone’s starting point is different, but with the help of an appropriate driving instructor and some tips on how to prepare for your first driving lesson, you would be able to learn to drive with confidence.  

There are a lot of techniques to prepare for the first steps that will help you get started. In this regard, you should also consider how much do driving lessons cost in Melbourne

Driving lessons for the first time do not have to be a terrifying experience. To assist you, we’ve developed a list of tips for your first driving session with your instructor to ensure you get off to the best possible start.

Get Started with Our First Driving Lesson Tips: 

Familiarize Yourself With A Common Car’s Layout

While cars can be rather distinct from one another, they all share a few common qualities that can be found in any vehicle on the road, such as:

  • Brake pedal
  • Accelerator pedal 
  • Dashboard instrument panel
  • Steering wheel 
  • Lights and indicators
  • Clutch pedal 
  • Mirrors in the rearview
  • Gearstick

The exact location of controls in a car can change depending on the age, model, as well as the type of car you are driving, except the pedals and steering wheel, which are always in the same location. 

A manual car, for example, will have a clutch pedal and a gear stick, but an automatic vehicle will not have all these. Some hybrid automatic/manual vehicles will have semi-automatic gear selectors located near the steering wheel.

Only Bring What You’ll Need For The Driving Lesson

The most crucial item to keep in mind is, of course, your learner driver’s license. 

You must have this on you at all times while driving a car, and if you are found driving without it, you risk losing your license as well as being fined. Other than that, you should also determine how much do driving lessons cost in Melbourne. 

If you need to take your phone with you during your driving lesson, either turn it off or put it in flight mode. Using a mobile device while driving is both unsafe as well as against the law, and you will not need it throughout your driving lesson.

If you’re required to complete a novice driver logbook, make sure you bring it with you so your instructor can sign it at the end of your lesson. 


After reading this list of tips for your first driving lesson, I hope you have got a better notion of how to prepare and maximize your learning experience. Make sure you get enough sleep the night before, remain hydrated, dress comfortably, and relax and enjoy your first driving lesson!